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  • Things are made of other things. In a fractal universe size is relative and patterns repeat in the dimension of scale. There is no largest or smallest anything, just as there is no beginning or end in the temporal dimension.

    Posted by Rich Langsford @ 2:59 pm

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  • this concept makes sense, as i have concluded by my indirect observation of atomic structure and solar & planetary systems (for example). I wonder this: just as my mind balks at trying to comprehend the concept of a finite universe which is one of many, and similarly, an infinite universe, i wonder if there is a range on this continuous scale where the ability to grasp its structure is possible, and not possible beyond the range. or am i looking at it incorrectly?

  • Hi Paytonn…thanks for dropping in! I have no idea how you managed to stumble into this virtually uninhabited website on the outskirts of known domain space, but I’m glad you did…welcome!

    I think what you’re pondering is whether there is a finite limit to scalability, such as the Planck length, below which no more fractionalizing is possible, or on the grander scale, if the totality of the Big Bang could be part of something still larger. While physicists mostly say that these limits do exist, it just doesn’t seem right intuitively. Perhaps there’s some factor in multidimensional theory that prevents us from perceiving things above a certain ratio of scale between that at which we view our existence and these very tiny or immense planes. If your mind were the size of a galaxy, your thought processes would be slow but massive. You might perceive the planet Earth as the size of a molecule, but perceiving a grain of sand might be beyond your limits of comprehension.

    I don’t think the book is closed on this one, and with continued advancements in theoretical physics, we might see some good theories appear that will tie this all together.

    Many thanks for the comment…it’s something I wonder about too!


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